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How to Prepare For Your “Welcome to Medicare” Visit

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If you are new to Medicare, you are embarking on a new phase in your healthcare journey. One of the first things you will do is schedule a “Welcome to Medicare” visit. Medicare covers this visit. When scheduling this first visit, ensure the medical provider you choose accepts Medicare. When you choose your Medicare plan, ensuring you will retain access to your usual doctor could be vital to you.

What is a “Welcome to Medicare” Visit?

These doctor visits are geared to provide your doctor with an overview of your general health. Your doctor will speak with you about your medical history and any current health conditions you are experiencing. These visits include a review of your medical and family history, the usual doctor checkup to measure your height, weight, blood pressure, vision, and a personal discussion about how you are doing emotionally. You will be provided with customized recommendations for health screenings or vaccinations.

What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

Write down anything about your family’s health history, as you will be asked questions about whether your close family members had any condition or disease. This can be important, as it could allow you to be screened early for inherited health conditions. If you are changing to a new primary care doctor, bring your health records and immunization records if you have them.

Contact your former primary care or other medical provider and ask that your medical records be transferred to your new doctor. There may be a small fee, but it may take a week or two, so order the records transfer a few weeks before your appointment. If you take any medications, make a list with the name of the medication, who prescribed it, and the dosage amount. If you take vitamins or herbal supplements, make a list and bring that with you – some natural remedies can interact with medications, which can be crucial.

How Much Should I Plan to Pay?

Your “Welcome to Medicare” visit is free if the doctor you visit accepts Medicare, and there is no deductible you need to pay. If your doctor delivers additional tests or services not covered by Medicare, you may need to pay, and your Part B deductible will come into play. With no added services, there is no cost.

Ensure You Have the Right Medicare Plan – For You.

If it is time to enroll in Medicare, many people find choosing a plan confusing. To get help and guidance, contact one of our local agents. You can understand your options, the cost of each, and answers to questions about the various health networks if you want to continue to see a medical professional you like and trust or access a specific hospital. All these issues can be evaluated and discussed to help you understand the cost and any added needs, such as vision care and dental care.

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