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Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren’t


Advertising can be misleading. Many foods on the shelves today bear labels designed to make them appear to be a good choice for a healthy diet. These labels may contain words such as, “non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free, all-natural, low-fat, or sugar-free.” Although the labeling may be accurate, that does not necessarily mean the food is genuinely good for you. The following are some foods many people consider to be healthy when they are actually not.


Granola is promoted as a healthy source of whole grains and fiber. The truth is, many granola products are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. They often contain high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

Deli Meats

Meat is a good source of protein, but deli roast beef, turkey, salami, and bologna are produced with many unhealthy additives. These include nitrates, sodium, fillers, and saturated fats. The common source of deli meats is factory farming, which means the animals were not raised organically or humanely.

Dried Fruits

Many people assume dried fruits are good for you – because it’s fruit! Actually, dried pineapple, mango, and other dried fruits contain high levels of sugar. They also typically contain preservatives to keep the fruit soft and extend shelf life.

Sugar-Free Products

Sugar-free versions of candy, cookies, sodas, and other sweets can be found in most grocery stores. Many of these products contain artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal). According to an article in Medical News Today, aspartame, commonly used as a sugar substitute in diet sodas, may actually lead to weight gain.

Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers may seem like a healthy choice because it’s vegetables, right? Actually, a commercial veggie burger is likely to consist of highly processed soy with preservatives added. Veggie burgers are only healthy when produced from whole foods.

Vegetable Chips

We all know we need our vegetables, but veggie chips are not the best way to get them. They may contain some beets, parsnips, or sweet potatoes, but the color usually comes from vegetable powders, and what you’re eating is mostly corn flour and potato starch.

Flavored Yogurt

Probiotics are good for your gut, but it’s usually best to eat plain yogurt. Fruit-flavored yogurts typically contain little fruit, and they are likely to be remarkably high in sugar.

Trail Mix

Trail mix contains nuts, seeds, and fruit, so it must be good for you. That might be true if the nuts were not coated with high-sugar flavorings and if the mix did not contain polyunsaturated oils and chocolate candy.

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